Selene has an extremely disturbing relationship with her sister Natalie. So much so that she goes to a therapist for help.
It is suggested that Selene write down her relationship with Natalie as she sees it.

is Maude Helen Baker's compilation of down-home, home spun sayings that she heard from the time she was a child that, in their own way, helped to mold and forge the person she became. Listed  alphabetical order, and sometimes written in the "old folks" vernacular, each saying has been explained in terms that can be understood by all. These sayings are from the "wisdom of the elders" and should not be ignored or discarded.
Sage Sayings to Season the Soul 
A SISTERHOOD OF DYSFUNCTION Companion Workbook and Journal by Carol Ann White 
A SISTERHOOD OF DYSFUNCTION: Betrayal, Pain, Epiphany & Resolution by Carol Ann White
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 It's been five years since the death of Selene Walton's mother, Mabel Grace Barton. Selene feels that now is the time to keep and fulfill her promise to Mabel Grace and publish her book,  Home-Spun Advice for the Wellness of Spirit. It seems like a simple, straight-forward undertaking, but it's not: Selene is informed that her sister, Natalie Curry, may have to be involved, They haven't spoken in some time, there's bad blood between the two, and the pairing of these two sisters could be detrimentally explosive!!!

The Book Signing Journey, the second book in the "A SISTERHOOD OF DYSFUNCTION" series, chronicles the events and emotions tied to Selene and Natalie attempting to pair up for the publishing endeavor, their disastrous breakdown, and Selene's further epiphanies into her relationship with Natalie. More importantly, Selene has a few enlightenments as to her role in the dysfunctional relationship she knows to be sisterhood.
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 by Carol Ann White
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 A SISTERHOOD OF DYSFUNCTION: Betrayal, Pain, Epiphany &Resolution
is Selene's vision of her relationship with her sister; along this sojourn, Selene also makes several realizations about herself as well....
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